How your Ascension can Awaken your SUPER POWERS. 
You become who you really are. 

 I help you cut the Past. It can be your own worn-out patterns in relationships, concluding relationships, or worn-out "soul agreements" and vows, I can help you easily.   My expertise is creating the necessary internal flow and merges of love energy, for the INNER ALCHEMY meaning transformation to enable you to pull together, and feel a new level of Love.

When you work with me, you will be who you are & bring in a new Relationship to everything!

Having had an awakening-learn & Integrate your super powers to rise above
in Your ascension: soul mates, jobs/mission Relationships,
& Twin flames Guidance -


Do you Feel the

THE CALL of Love?


Do you Feel the Call of your Soul?


and maybe you feel this welling up from inside you?

The Lover Within© Session - Just Talk to Someone! 

It is not "needy" to want and expect True Love.  This is a part of you on the inside, deep in your heart!  What passes for "love" in the world has become distorted. I can help you untangle from it!  Get real about YOU, change your approach, change your perspective!

THE SESSION: Start with this so we can a plan for you  Things that took years to "wound" or harm you, can be undone within a matter of a few specific sessions.  This is a great session to help you, with your discernment* and find out more about this "Love Journey" and process. Lets get specific what to focus on, & get the proper Life Encouragement and Body Guidance. Get my guidance so that you can know what is a normal part of the "process" and what you should do to improve.  You will feel more energetic afterward.  This session will help you boost to a higher vibration. Break free of Toxic people, patterns, hidden issues may be lingering.  Have you had some sense that "you need to do something" but do not know what?  I provide you a plan and recommendations based upon You!  Do not waste time & energy on the "wrong soul mate" or "false twin flame/GHOST". via Zoom (includes recording) ($125)

Smiling Girl

True Intimacy. Love is the new normal.


Do you feel its Time?   Time for your Real Life to begin?   Time to make some decisions?  Time to stop wasting your life on a "false lead or ghost"? Time for the Universe to bring your Love Life Home?   Time to manifest all your Dreams?

Patricia McNeilly
Internationally Recognized Ascension Expert, The New Light Body & Twin Flame Expert for Life, Health & Love Life
Energy Healer & Coach

watch for new events coming up!

Real Issues, Upleveled Solutions and "How To"!

The "Anti Menopause" Solution!

In my 3 part webinar, you will learn why so many women, including yourself are experiencing strange menstrual cycles. This is a part of the upcoming changes and yet can be improved so you do not have major pain or discomfort. There is a new level to help women ENJOY LOVE, Lovemaking and childbirth. It is time, if you have oddly spaced out menstrual cycles to get yourself this helpful webinar.  I include a one on one Coaching session to pinpoint specifics for you. I cover what supplements, herbs and ancestral issues you may be avoiding! ($180)

Couples Session 

Do you live with someone (married, live-in lovers) significant other, or you are coming together with the 'one" - BUT you struggle to get along, yet you care about each other?  Better than "couples counseling" I help you unplug old patterns!

  • You sleep in separate bedrooms?

  • Believe its your "karma" to be stuck in this?

  • You developed distrust or don't feel safe?

  • You have "money issues" together?

  • Cannot seem to get along?

  • Thought they were "the one" but cannot connect anymore?

Note: this is intended for both persons to attend. if it is just you, then have the Lover Within Session see above

5D Energy Balancing and Coaching in Person


Get Relaxed and Guided in a new way.  My Energy Balancing modality is my own trademark modality to help you on multiple levels and chakras. (similar to, but NOT Reiki) Meet at my studio on the northwest side of Chicago by appointment. ($180)



real love

  • Finding Real Love - New Foundations

  • A new way to attract a real partner 

  • Transform your “Emotional Body”

  • Friends with Benefits - Dating mistakes

  • Using Tools/exercises/ Oils

  • New Love Connections 

  • Dreaming of The Lover

lover within© The "twin within"

To feel your  Soul Match from inside you, to attract them into your life!  Click button to read more!   

divine lovers cosmic body reconnection 

To feel and learn your Light Body for 5D connections  

Click button to read more!   

Do you want REAL LOVE? 

A true soul connection?

WHAT IS A SOUL MATE ?  This is a person from the same Group of Souls with whom you have incarnated (born) for the purpose of experiencing.  You may experience interactions with many Soul Mates yet, you are now  making your way home to your True Love."

patricia mcneilly


 You have a Love Story & Journey! Ascension & sensations are huge part of your

Success and Health!

Almost everyone, will meet someone who somehow "feels familiar" yet how to tell if they are "friend or foe", Lover or "enemy"?  Do you want to know how to get through that? Try my basics within my books to help you get started.  See my specialty Webinars which include a Coaching Session.

By creating prompts through your body, through your actions. This is an important, first step in your Awakening Process. You may be aware of certain things so far, but Internally, you are creating more and necessary wake ups on the inside.

  • Remove the Inner Turmoil and Bring balance

  • Use your New Body Connections instead of psychology or the mind


Time to begin 



If you Feel its Time,  why not get some guidance and clarity on what what you have been expecting.  We are here to assist with sensible guidance.   Getting clear so that you can make the best decisions is truly empowering.

Welcome!  Thank you for being here!

We believe in Fresh Starts, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical and Etheric Health

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*This service is for people who are 18 years and older. Not intended for children without written parental consent. We do not promote and do not condone: false identities, false profiles for spying on someone, stalking, chasing someone, and tormenting them. Further, we will say something if you are being victimized for money by a gigolo/golddigger/scammer or someone posing as your love interest. This service and site does not provide medical advice. The information on my websites are intended for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical, legal or psychiatric advice, diagnosis or treatment. The author is not a doctor. The service and her information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and readers need to also speak to their doctors before using any type of herbal product. Always cross-check for interactions or if you are pregnant. If you already have a court case or restraining order, no amount of psychic readings will get rid of this. You must deal with it. Never ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment because of something you have read on the site(or seen in a video). Some services may require disclosure of previous medical or mental health conditions (including but not limited to addictions, self medicating/medications etc.) so we can work well together. We take a completely holistic approach. Further, I encourage working with your doctor, therapist, plus get exercise. In addition when working with me I may recommend complementary healing such as acupuncture or a check up with your doctor. If you think you may have a medical emergency, immediately call your doctor or if suicidal dial 911. If you feel suicidal, please let me know and know you are not alone. Please call 1 - 800 - 273 - 8255 The National Suicide Prevention Hotline (USA only) All services will appear under my parent company "Twin Flames Merge Inc." Thank you!


                        Love is Love! LGBTQ + Asexual, Diversity Friendly

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